Red Bull Ampol Racing Luminox Original Navy Seal Watch

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Forged from a legacy intertwined with the Navy SEALs since 1992, Luminox has epitomized reliability in watches designed for every adventure and environment. When the quest arose for a timepiece meeting the rigorous standards of this elite force, Luminox answered with the Original Navy SEAL 3000 EVO—a watch crafted to excel in SEAL night missions and the toughest conditions, water resistant to 20 ATM and now exclusively reimagined for Red Bull Ampol Racing enthusiasts.

Derived from the revered Navy SEAL 3001 and born from a collaboration with the US Navy, this timepiece embodies authenticity and adherence to the strictest military specifications. Its robust design and precision engineering make it a natural choice for champions navigating the high-speed world of motorsport.

Embrace the spirit of victory with the Original Navy SEAL 3000 EVO, a symbol of strength and resilience tailored for those who dare to push the limits. Join the elite ranks of Red Bull Racing and command the track with a timepiece that stands as a testament to excellence and endurance.

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